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Kingsley is Ghanaian. A husband and father of 3 who fell in love with Malaysia after a brief trip. He finally got the opportunity to work here and he moved in March 2018 for an exciting role in the banking sector. His wife and kids only joined him in June 2018. He lives in Mont Kiara with his family.


"Growing up, my family found it hard to accept my desire to become a professional footballer. They wanted me to go to school and acquire degrees. My even dad thought football was for delinquents. But because it was my heart desire, I always found myself on the.... 

Tax Accountant

Futi is a young vibrant Cameroonian gentleman, and a Tax accountant living and working in Malaysia as an expat. He shares his time between the office, his dance group and recording studio. He is currently in the course of recording an album titled ‘Finding Self’ .....

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“Learning a skill aside from formal education is very important. My name is Yusuf and I moved to Malaysia from Sudan years 9 years ago to further my studies. I have always wanted to do IT. I finally got my degree in IT (networking) in 2017 and I just started doing an MBA. It’s not easy here because the law says, foreign students can only work part time for 20hrs per week during semester breaks and holidays exceeding 7days. Interestingly, I have always loved the idea of cutting hair. I did it a few times while in Sudan just to learn the art. When I moved to Malaysia, I realised there were not many African barbers to cater for the growing number of Africans in the country so I gave it a shot. This is what sustains me at the moment. I’d rather do this than wait on my family to send me money from back home. I love it though. I get the opportunity to meet soo many incredible Africans in Malaysia. For now, I really just want to finish my studies so I can go back to Sudan to contribute to the society.”



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