Dato Emmanuel C Abugu – The first African Dato in Malaysia


Update: First published on June 22, 2019

Emmanuel C Abugu, the first African Dato in Malaysia is a Nigerian precisely from Enugu State in Nigeria. He moved to Malaysia at just 23 years of age for further Education and has spent a total of 26 years to date. He is married to Datin Roseline Anak Ranchang and their marriage has been blessed with 4 children.

Dato Emmanuel was the first African to own a Shipping & Logistics Company in Malaysia. In 2017, he was granted Datoship title in recognition of his long stay crime-free status and tremendous contribution to the economy of the country of Malaysia. In 2018, he also received an award of recognition from the Nigerian high commission in Malaysia. Read more about Dato here.

“If you break the coconut with your head, which mouth will you use to eat it? Success is a gradual process. It doesn’t come overnight.” ∼ Dato Emmanuel C Abugu.

PBB was privileged to sit down for a video interview with Dato Emmanuel as he detailed his journey in Malaysia from 1996 till date. Watch the video below and be inspired.



  1. Can you tell me about yourself and where u come from Dato. Emmanuel C Abugu?
  2. Why did you move to Malaysia and for how long have you been living in Malaysia?
  3. What can you say has changed about Malaysia since you first got here in 1996? How can u compare the perception of Africans then and now?
  4. With a solid educational background in Business Administration, what business have you successfully ran in Malaysia? If any failures are the reasons you would like to mention?
  5. What inspired the name “Majestic Target” which later led to the birth of “Majestic Target SDN. BHD?
  6. What is the Shipping & Logistics business in Malaysia like? Have you ever lost goods at sea?
  7. What kind of products do you export from Malaysia? Why did you choose these particular products?
  8. As a foreign businessman in Malaysia, how do you cope with the Malaysia Authority? What are the conditions for foreigners to be able to do business in Malaysia whether on a large or small scale?
  9. You are of the Opinion that foreigners (Africans) should invest their money here. How would this be possible, when the government doesn’t allow for people to naturalize based on the duration of stay in the country or do not have any ties to the country?
  10.  In the international system, social interaction and diversity have always been part of the development of society. How diverse is the international community in Malaysia and would you consider Malaysia a friendly country especially towards Africans?



  1. The prize of hard work has always been a great recognition. First, i’ll like to know what/who is a Dato and how did you become a Dato?
  2. As commonly asserted, good things do not come easily as we expect as humans. What were the kind of challenges you faced, before acquiring such a prestigious title “ Dato”  considering you are an African and Nigerian to be precise?
  3. What’s the criteria used in Choosing a Dato and what type of responsibilities and advantages come with it?

1. A Nigerian married to a Malaysian for 20+ years is very uncommon. How have you been able to stay married for this long?

2. What is required of an African intending to marry a Malaysian lady?

3. How have you and your wife (Datin Roseline Anak Ranchang) been able to successfully raise mixed-race kids in an environment which is somewhat discriminatory towards mixed kids? What have been the challenges?

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  1. What success principles have guided you into such success?
  2. What is your advice for all Africans in Malaysia, on the quest for quick cash?
  3. Since becoming a Dato what would you say is your biggest impact on the African community in Malaysia?
  4. In your opinion, how has Malaysia been able to achieve this level of development & stability considering they are almost the same age as most African countries?

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