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Passports & Visas

Cameroon Passport Application – 3 things you must know before applying

I had the privilege of using the new Cameroon passport production service on its inauguration day today 01 July 2021. I must say, I...

Cameroon Passport Wahala – The painful travel experiences of an Expatriate

As a frequent flier, whether on a Cameroon passport or not, the obvious questions about why you are going to go X Y Z...

How to renew your Cameroon Passport in Dubai – 3 things that will save you time

This article outlines the procedures, requirements, and fees needed to get a new Cameroon passport in Dubai, UAE(United Arab Emirates). Applying for a Cameroon Passport...

Tips on Travelling with a green passport – Number 7 is my favourite

Now that the lock-down is easing off, some of us are googling up holiday destinations. And if like me, you are an African expatriate who...

How to apply for your Cameroon Passport in the UK

Applying for a Cameroon passport in the UK is pretty much the same across the world however there are differences in the submission and...

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