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Cameroon Passport Application – List of Required Documents

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This article will provide you with a complete list of required documents for the application for your Cameroon passport. Read through this information carefully and make the documents available for your passport application. Failure to which will get your file rejected.

Documents to bring for your physical enrollment at the embassy

1. A printed copy of the appointment confirmation generated when you scheduled your appointment.
2. Original Cameroonian passport + photocopy of the passport identification page and most recent US visa
If the passport was lost/stolen, you will need to provide information about the lost document (number, date, and place of issue, photocopies if possible) and a police report regarding the loss/theft must be provided.
3. The original and a full photocopy of the Cameroonian Birth Certificate: A certified true copy of the birth certificate will be established at the Embassy upon presentation of the original which will be handed back to the applicant.
If your birth certificate was established following a court declaration (Jugement Supplétif), please bring the original and/or a full photocopy of the court declaration (jugement supplétif). If the original birth certificate is not available, BEFORE STARTING your pre-enrollment, please obtain the following set of documents from the town/city hall of the area where your birth certificate was established:
(1) a certified true copy of the birth certificate (Copie certifiée conforme d’acte de naissance), and
(2) a certificate of conformity and existence of the birth certificate (attestation d’existence de souche): this document must confirm that a leaf of the original birth certificate exists and is available within the archives of the town/city hall; and that the
information on the certified true copy is identical to that on the original birth certificate.
These two documents must be originals (scanned copies are not accepted) and must be less than 3 months old at the time of your appointment. These documents will not be returned to the applicant but rather kept on file at the Embassy.
4. If available, the original and/or a photocopy (front and back) of the valid Cameroonian National Identity Card.
5. Originals and copies of documents confirming the applicant’s immigration status: (examples below)
– Original + one (1) copy (front and back) of the green card or residency permit.
– Original + one (1) copy (front and back) of the work permit + Copies of available correspondence(s) from the Immigration.
– For international students: Original + one (1) copy of the most recent form I-20, Letter from the International Students’ Office of the school confirming that the student’s F-1 status is active.
– For exchange visitors: Original + one (1) copy of their valid form DS-2019.
– For other cases: Copies of any available immigration notices/documents.
6. If the applicant does not hold a valid residency permit (green card) or a valid original Cameroonian national identity card, a valid Consular card is required and can be established at the Embassy during the appointment. It requires that the applicant
bring two (02) recent passport-size color photographs with white background along with a consular card application form.
7. Certification/Legalization Fees: $2 per certification/legalization – $10 for a consular card when applicable. Please, prepare $4 to $14 in CASH ONLY. Cheques, credit cards, or electronic payments ARE NOT accepted.
8. If available, a photocopy of the applicant’s U.S.-issued driver’s license or state I.D.
9. Proof of profession: Please provide:
– Copy of student I.D. + enrollment verification letter from the school for students;
– Copy of work ID + employment verification letter confirming the profession/title/position;
– Copy of employment offer letter or contract + a recent paystub.
10. Minor applicants (Under 21 years old on the day of the appointment) are required to provide:
– Copies of court documents assigning guardianship if the child is under the care of a legal guardian.
– (1) A legalized parental authorization for the issuance/renewal of the minor’s Cameroonian passport, (2) a valid proof of identification (copy of Passport, National Identity Card), and (3) proof of residency status (green card for example) from the parent/legal guardian issuing said authorization. The parental authorization can be established at the Embassy during the
appointment and signed by the parent/legal guardian accompanying the minor, or provided beforehand to the minor if the
parent/legal guardian is unable to accompany the minor for the physical enrollment at the Embassy.
Note: If the parent/legal guardian is not present in the United States:
Parent/legal guardians who are in Cameroon must provide a parental authorization legalized by the Police along with a copy of
the identification page of their passport or national identity card.
Parent/legal guardians who are neither in Cameroon nor in the United States must legalize the parental authorization at the nearest Cameroonian Embassy or Consulate, and provide a copy of the identification page of their passport.
– Children who came to the US with photos attached to their parents’ passports must provide copies of relevant passport pages.
– For children born in the United States to at least one Cameroonian parent, a transcription of the American Birth Certificate (requirements available on the Embassy website) must be established prior to filing the passport request.
11. For married women, original and a photocopy of their marriage certificate: Note: Women who went through a marriage that was terminated due to a divorce or the death of a former spouse must provide a copy of the divorce decree or a copy of the
death certificate, whichever applies.

In addition to your list of documents, you are required to print and sign a declaration and bring it alongside your documents. This declaration can be found here which can be found on the embassy website here

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