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How to collect your Cameroon passport at the Cameroon embassy in the USA

Cameroon passport applicants can collect their new passport in the USA by mail ONLY.

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As of now, Cameroon passport applicants can collect their new passports by mail ONLY.

To collect your Cameroon passport at the Cameroon embassy in the USA, you are required to do the following,

  1. Send your request by mail in an envelope with a tracking number (make sure you record the tracking number) to the following address:
    WASHINGTON, DC 20008
  2. On the envelope, write “NEW PPT PICKUP” on your package for quick identification of your type of request.

Required documents to collect your new Cameroon Passport 

  • Your old passport, which will be canceled and returned to you. This does not apply if the old passport was previously declared lost.
  • Your passport application original receipt. In case of a lost receipt, submit a notarized statement explaining that the receipt was lost.
  • A notarized written request, that must include your name, address, and phone number: You must request that the Embassy mail your new passport to you.
  • A trackable prepaid return envelope with the sender – The Consular Section and the recipient – The Passport Applicant. This information must be written legibly.

Timescales for shipping & receiving your Cameroon passport

The Consular Section should be able to send your return mail within 2-3 working days following the receipt of your package. This wait time may increase depending on the volume of returns to process.
Use FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service (USPS). All shipping costs must be covered by having the return postage paid up front at a FedEx, UPS or USPS location, otherwise, you can write out an account/credit card number on the shipping label to charge for the service.

collect your  Cameroon Passport


Important things to Note before shipping your receipt to collect your Cameroon passport

  1. Refer to FedEx, UPS, or USPS’s websites, or visit one of their locations to get transit rates for return packages; the Consular Section does not have that information!
  2. Ensure that tracking numbers are available on the original package sent to the Embassy and on the return package,
    and record those tracking numbers to subsequently monitor the progress of both shipping operations: The embassy will not be responsible for providing return tracking numbers by phone or by email. The applicant is responsible for retaining this information.
  3. If the tracking information confirms the delivery of a package to the Embassy, the sender should rely on that information and
    refrain from calling or emailing the Consular Section to verify the information.
  4. Each adult recipient of a new biometric passport must provide their own return envelope, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF FAMILIES. A parent or legal guardian may request the return of a minor’s new passport on their behalf.

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What is the address of the Cameroon Embassy in the USA

Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon
2349 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008 – United States of America
1 (202) 265-8790

A downloadable guide to collecting your Cameroon Passport from the Cameroon Embassy USA

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