PBB Guest Post Guidelines

Before you submit a guest post to PBB, please read the guidelines to ensure your post gets approved.

Who can write on PBB? Anyone can write on PBB. Whether you’re an expert writer, written a full publication or never even written before, it’s very easy to get started and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our goal is to spread ideas, dispense information and inspiration while entertaining you along the way.We feature personal testimonies, stories from writers and contributors from all walks of life, focusing on

An ideal PBB piece brings our readers an honest, nuanced, new perspective on how we live life today, and give them a new take on modern life informed by personal experience. A good pitch for PBB will:

  • Succinctly sum up a story, an argument and a hook. What does PBB audience need to know, and why now?
  • Explain why you’re the voice to write this piece. Do you have first-hand experience of the issue at hand? What do you want to tell our readers?
  • Explain why this piece will be a great fit for PBB readers. Why do they need to hear this?
  • Explain what you want readers to take away from your piece. We want PBB Personal pieces to challenge, educate and inspire. What do you want our readers to learn from your piece?
  • Be original. We want to hear new stories that haven’t been told anywhere else.
  • Come from you. We want to hear from real voices and work closely with writers themselves to shape their stories. We will only accept pitches from third parties such as PRs in exceptional circumstances.

You can pitch to the PBB Team kimberlyndeh@passportsbeyondborders.com