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Cameroon Passport Application – 3 things you must know before applying

A complete guide to applying for your Cameroon passport

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Federick Mairong
Frederick Mairong is a holder of a Professional Master's degree in Environmental Sciences and DiPES 2 from the Higher teacher's Training College, both in Cameroon. He doubles as an Environmental Consultant and an International High School Science teacher. Follow him on Facebook to catch on his sequence of TRUTHS @MairongMairong @Positive Thinkers

I had the privilege of using the new Cameroon passport production service on its inauguration day today 01 July 2021. I must say, I was quite impressed at the hospitality and the level of professionalism displayed was remarkable.

The New Passport production centre is located in the Etoudi neighborhood, just between the Tongolo traffic light after Mbala 2, and the famous Carrefour de la Presidence, on the left. The centre is so conspicuous that it can easily be spotted from the main road.

In this article, I’ll give you my personal experience as well as provide a detailed guide on how to apply for the new biometric Cameroon passport in Cameroon.

The application process can be broken down into 3 main steps: You can watch the application process here or proceed to read below

  1. Online Pre-enrollment Procedure
  2. Physical enrollment
  3. Retrieving of Produced Passports


My ordinary passport application started with logging into the website https://www.passcam.cm. for an online pre-enrollment procedure. Once in, you’ll be prompted to choose your language(English or French). Then only can you start the enrollment procedure. At this point, choosing a means of communication is of utmost importance. You will have to choose how you like to be notified. There are 2 options by phone number or email address.

Communication options to choose during your Cameroon passport application
Communication options to choose during your Cameroon passport application

I selected the phone number option and then entered my contact number to which a code was sent. The system will request you to enter the code received and validate it at the location indicated on the site. You will need this code to proceed to the pre-registration page. This code would permit you to re-login any time in case you didn’t complete the pre-registration process in one sitting.

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Next, on the pre-registration form, you’ll be requested to fill in some General information, Personal information, Parental information, and document information and reasons for applying for the passport.

Upon completion of the personal information form, you will be directed to the fee payment page where you will be prompted to choose payment options: either through mobile money, orange money, express union, Yoomee or Credit Card.

Once the payment is confirmed, you will be re-directed to the appointment page to choose an appointment place, date and time then you validate. A confirmation message and email will be sent with a PDF file to print and bring along on the appointment day with some other certified documents as follows:


– Original ID card + a certified copy of your national ID card (certified at any police station)
– Original Birth Certificate + certified copy of your birth certificate (certified at the council)
– Proof of profession



When you arrive at the Cameroon passport production center or Emi Immigration police stations you should expect the following

  • We are still in the pandemic so your temperature will be taken,
  • a police officer will verify your physical file with the file submitted online.
  • Your photos, fingerprints, signature, and height will be taken.
  • Your supporting documents will be digitized which you’ll also have to verify and approve.
  • Please note, there is a possibility of rejection. If that happens you will be notified by text message or email with details on how to proceed. If your documents are validated, then your passport will be produced within 48hrs.
  • It is also important to note that you can change our physical enrollment date only once. Also, your pre-enrollment procedure can be interrupted and resumed later at the level where it was saved from the code received by email or text message.
  • A copy of the PDF file is also sent to your mailbox.


Ordinary Passport Cost: 110,000XAF

Ordinary Passport Validity: 5 Years

Inside the new passport production centre.

Inside Cameroon Passport Production Centre


Once your passport is available in your physical enrollment center, you are notified by email or text message. To collect, you will undergo a verification of your identity at your physical enrollment centre.

Your passport can also be collected by a third party provided they have a power of attorney from the applicant duly legalized by the competent office. Six months after production, all uncollected passports will be returned to the Border Police Department.

See screenshot below

notification from DGSN
notification for your Cameroon passport collection from DGSN


Cameroon Passport Requirements for Minors under 15years old

  • Pre-enrollment receipt
  • Certified Photocopy of the birth certificate
  • Proof of social status if applicable
  • Parental authorization of one parent or legal guardian or holder of a legalized power of attorney
  • National Identity Card(NIC) -certified photocopy of one of the parents, legal guardian or power of attorney to act in place of parents.

Requirements for Minor Applicants between the ages of 15 and 21

  • Pre-enrollment receipt
  • certified photocopy of the birth certificate
  • Certified Photocopy of NIC
  • Proof of Social Status if applicable
  • Parental authorization of one of the parents or legal guardian or holder of a legalized power of attorney.
  • NIC certified photocopy of one of the parents, legal guardian or power of attorney to act in place f the parents or legal guardian.

Cameroon Passport requirements for married Minor

  • Pre-enrollment receipt
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate
  • Certified photocopy of the NIC
  • Proof of profession or any socio-professional occupation, if applicable.
  • Certified photocopy of the marriage certificate.

Cameroon Passport Requirements for applicants over age 21

  • Pre-enrollment receipt
  • Certified photocopy of the birth certificate
  • Certified photocopy of the NIC
  • Proof of Profession or social status if applicable
  • Certified photocopy of the marriage certificate for married women over 21years (if applicable).

Has your Cameroon Passport been stolen or lost? These are the renewal requirements

  • Pre-enrollment receipt
  • copy of lost or stolen passport
  • Certificate of declaration of stolen or lost Cameroon passport including the passport number.
  • Certified photocopy of the birth certificate( for applicants under the age of 50)
  • Certified photocopy of the NIC
  • Proof of Profession or social status if applicable
  • Certified photocopy of the marriage certificate

We hope this guide has given you a perspective of what to expect and how to apply for your Cameroon passport in Cameroon or around the world. If you found this article helpful, then share it on your favorite social media channel or with your friends on WhatsApp.

Thanks to this new passport, Cameroon is definitely embarking on the path of modernity and reliability.

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  1. This is good. But trust me, I have read a lot of negative reviews. People pay the required cash and are deducted, but the system will reject the application.
    What does that mean? Cash is gone! I’d prefer the online registration be done, and when the applicant goes for submission, he/she pays the required sum there.

  2. If your ID card is expired, you can still use the information on the expired ID to complete the online registration, then take your receipt of the new ID card to the appointment. This is because the space for the ID card number in the online registration process cannot accept the special characters in your new ID receipt

    • Using an expired I’d card information doesn’t seem to solve the problem for those with renewed I’d card receipts as the space for « I’d card expiry date » only gives room for valid I’d card(non expired I’d card) once it surpasses the 10 years validity period, it doesn’t allow you go to the next step.

  3. I was in yde for the physical enrollment but after getting I realized an error on my name please how can it be rectify please I need help

  4. I went in for my new passport as a minor submitted all documents ask then took my photo and fingerprints after two days I received a mail that my application has been rejected.then I went to the office fir further info and was said my file rejected due to parent procouration,so I provide the documents then later to open my file on the machine system say am not having any file means my information in the system is not.right now I am frustrated

    • Hello, am facing a similar experience. I applied and did everything but got a message my application was rejected. my question is do I need to start the process again or I have to do something else really frustrated because I dont know if i do another it will cause issues for me. please somebody help.

  5. CAN one apply for a passport using NIC receipts. I applied for NIC since 2020 and i have not had the original till date. What are the uptions I have to renew my passport

  6. PLease anyone, I lost my ID, what can I do in other to renew my passport? Can I use the photocopy of the lost document and the declaration form for the lost ID? I equally read a certificate of Nationality can be use if no ID. Is this true?

    • Hello Gaitan, first you will have to apply for a new ID card. You can use the new ID receipt and a certified** declaration of loss document to complete your file.

      To complete the enrollment in the passport system online, you can use number of the lost ID card to enroll.

      Please note – It is not possible to use a certificate of Nationality, because it doesn’t contain the information needed to enroll in the passport system.

  7. Hello can someone tell me what to do. I did the online registration and followed the process up to the stage where I paid the passport fee. But after paying the fee the system did not give me the option to schedule for a physical appointment. I have sent several emails but no response. I am currently not based in Cameroon to go to the passport center and find out and the guys are not replying my emails. I am stuck at that position for two weeks now.

  8. Hi Leo, try to open the website again and use same number or email that you started your application with, once it’s done the will still send you a code, once you input the code it will take you to the scheduling page. I also face same issue but i followed the steps i mentioned to you and it was possible to get the scheduling page.

  9. Greetings madam what if I lost my old I’d card and I did a new one using my old I’d card information but the original of the new I’d card is not out can I do the passport with the receipt I’d card?

  10. Good morning madam. i lost my old id card so i went for a new one right now am trying to enroll for a passport and there are asking me for my id card number of which i have just the receipt which contains the long digits of numbers as my id card number but the system is rejecting it. so please how can i go about it our is it not possible to use the receipt for the online enrollment process

    • Hello Bruno, you can enter the ID number of your lost ID card in the system to be able to complete your online enrollment to get an appointment. In your physical file, be sure to add a certified** declaration of loss and also the new ID card receipt. If not your file MAY be rejected.

      • Goodmorning Mam
        Please is it possible to apply for passport with ID card receipt,my id got expired and i deed a new one, since then,the original is not yet out.

        And again,what is the next step if my documents are rejected after paying the money

  11. Good morning madam. After submitting my application , I remembered my occupation on my ID card is APPLICANT (without occupation) meanwhile the information I gave has BUSINESSMAN as my occupation.
    Could that cause my application to be rejected?? I’m yet to go for physical enrollment.


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