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How to renew your Cameroon Passport in Dubai – 3 things that will save you time

The 30 Page Cameroon Passport with 5 years validity will cost FCFA110,000 irrespective of the country from which you are applying.

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Kimberly is the founder and Editor in Chief at Passports Beyond Borders (PBB). She is an award-winning entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in the Travel Industry. She is a very passionate family woman who enjoys the thrill of living in multiple countries as an expatriate. Connect with Kim on Facebook & Instagram @Kimberlyndehfombang

This article outlines the procedures, requirements, and fees needed to get a new Cameroon passport in Dubai, UAE(United Arab Emirates).
Applying for a Cameroon Passport within and outside of Cameroon has always been a big challenge up until the 1st of July 2021 when the new biometric Cameroon passport procedure was rolled out.

The 30 Page Cameroon passport with 5 years validity will cost FCFA110,000 irrespective of the country from which you are applying.
The simplified Cameroon Passport renewal process in Dubai, UAE can be done in 3 main stages. You can watch the step-by-step process in the YouTube video below.

  1. The pre-enrollment stage
  2. Registration at the Consulate General
  3. Collection of your passport from the Consulate

Step 1: Pre-enrolment via the Online Portal

The first step to applying for a Cameroon passport in Dubai and anywhere in the world is registering your personal data via the website (www.passcam.cm)

On the www.passcam.cm website, you’ll be able to select your preferred language either French or English, you’ll also be prompted to select a means of communication either email or text message.

Cameroon Passport Application portal

You’ll also be required to fill in some personal information and your reasons for applying for a passport and your intended travel destination. After completing the information section, you’ll be redirected to the payment page where you can make your payments through any of the following means; MTN MoMo, Orange Money, Express Union, by Credit Card or Yoomee

After payments, then only will you be able to choose an appointment date and place after which you will receive a confirmation self alongside a file that you will print and carry along on your appointment day.

Side Note from the experience of others: You MIGHT encounter issues when paying by debit or credit card. If you face this problem, a remote alternative may be to send/transfer funds(the cost of the passport) into the Mobile Money account of someone you trust in Cameroon. This Mobile Money account can be used to complete the online transaction.

Step 2: Physical Enrolment or Registration at the Cameroon Consulate in Dubai

You’ll be required to attend your appointment in person (with your receipt issued online) on the date indicated in the text message you received after the pre-enrollment procedure. Lets talk about the documents you will need to apply for your Cameroon passport in Dubai.

Required Documents for the Application of your Cameroon Passport in Dubai

For your Cameroon Passport Application process, you’ll need the following documents. Failure to may result in a rejection of your file;

  • The receipt which was issued online during the pre-enrollment process
  • Your original birth certificate + Certified copy (to be certified at the Consulate General)
  • A valid national ID card + Certified copy (to be certified at the Consulate General)
  • Supporting Documents of your profession (Employment contract/offer letter) if you would like your profession indicated on your passport.
  • Marriage certificate + certified copy; for married women wishing for a name change (to be certified at the Consulate General)
  • 2 Photocopies of your visa/Emirates ID
  • Parental authorization for minors to be certified at the Consulate General
  • A declaration of loss for those who have lost their passports
  • 50AED for certification fees for the required documents.
  • 75AED for a consular card
  • 2 photos 4×4 for babies

It should be noted that all Cameroon Passport Applicants in Dubai will incur an additional cost of AED200 to cover the delivery cost of their passport in Dubai via specialized companies.

All children under 15 are required to attend appointments only for photographic purposes as their fingerprints are not required.

What to Expect on the day application Day of your Cameroon Passport in Dubai
Cameroon Consulate in Dubai
Renew your Cameroon Passport at the Cameroon Consulate in Dubai, UAE

On your appointment day, you will be enrolled by the Consular officer who will scan your receipt, verify your required documents and proceed to take the passport size photos and biometric data (fingerprints). All photocopies will be certified and your file will be forwarded to the Production Centre in Yaounde at the end of the registration process.

Step 3: Collection of your Cameroon Passport from the Consulate

All passport applicants will be notified when their passport is ready for collection via texts/email entered at the time of enrollment. Your next question may most likely be, how long does it take to for the production of a Cameroon passport in Dubai? This process will take 30 days from the enrollment date until it is available for collection at the Cameroon Consulate.

Also to collect your passport, you’ll be required to present the notification sent to you by email or text message and any Identification document.

Where is Cameroon Consulate located in Dubai?

The Cameroon consulate in Dubai is located at;

18 73 B St – Al Satwa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

What are the opening hours of the Cameroon consulate in Dubai?

Monday          9:30 AM – 4 PM

Tuesday          9:30 AM – 4 PM

Wednesday     9:30 AM – 4 PM

Thursday        9:30 AM – 4 PM

Friday             9:30 AM – 4 PM

Saturday          Closed

Sunday            Closed

Contact Details of the Cameroon Consulate in Dubai

Email: Consulacamdubai@gmail.com

Phone Number: +971 4349 1606

Cost of applying for a Cameroon passport in Dubai?

Here is a breakdown of the costs of applying for your Cameroon passport in Dubai

Passport Cost = 110,000xaf

Shipping cost= 200AED

Certification cost = 50AED/ Document

Some Important Information to note about the Cameroon Consulate in Dubai
  1. When applying for your Cameroon Passport in Dubai, ensure to attend your appointment with the exact amount of notes/cash. The probability of the inability to change your money by the consulate cashier is high.
  2. Operation timing could be an issue. On the day of your appointment, it is important to clear your schedule of any other activities as the application or collection process may take longer than expected.

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I hope this comprehensive guide answers your questions about applying for a Cameroon Passport in Dubai. If you have any further questions you can email the Cameroon Consulate in Dubai – consulacamdubai@gmail.com

For more details on the enrollment procedure, watch this video on YouTube

See important Documents for your attention

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    • The purpose of submitting your original documents for the passport application process is to certify your photocopies. Without the original copy of your Cameroon ID Card, it MIGH/WILL be impossible to do apply for a new passport. However, you’ll have to confirm this information with your local Cameroon Consulate.

    • Please I just made my online application but made a mistake with order of names!
      Please can this error be corrected at the consulate? Because there’s no option for correction!

      • Hello Lauretta,

        If you have already made a payment, when you get to the consulate for your appointment, let them know about the error so it can be corrected before the final form is printed. If you haven’t paid yet, you can simply restart a new online registration process. You will be attributed a new pre-enrollment number.

        Leave us feedback – Did you find this response helpful? When done with the process, please let us know how it went so someone else can learn from your experience. You can reply to this comment or send us an email: info@passportsbeyondborders.com

        • Hi Kinberly,thanks for this information. pls i hav a question if i want to renew my passport and i have both original copy of my birth certificate and National Id but my national id has expired ,can i apply for my passport renewal still???

          • Yes, You should be able to apply if you have a valid residence permit in the UAE. You can use the ID card number in the pre-enrollment process then during the physical appointment, submit your documents including your residence permit.

  1. Please I need to renew my passport but I don’t hav my original National identity with me,how can possibly do to ensure my passport is renewed???. And also please how long will it take for it to be out???
    Please I need a response to this,it’s urgent

  2. Please I need to renew my passport but I don’t hav my original National identity with me,I just have a photocopy how can possibly do to ensure my passport is renewed???. And also please how long will it take for it to be out???
    Please I need a response to this,it’s urgent

    • Unfortunately, as per the requirements for the new Biometric Cameroon Passport, you are required to provide your original national ID card + Photocopy of your National ID. Failure to present these alongside the other required documents will lead to the rejection of your file.

      • Hi there,
        I want to renew my passport but my I’d has expired and my birth certificate I have only the photo copy.
        Is it possible for me to renew my passport here in Dubai?

        Please guide me.

    • It will take 30 days from the date of your enrollment to your passport arriving at the consulate general in Dubai for collection. An automatic message will be sent to your phone or email. You’ll only be able to collect your passport upon presenting this notification message and Identification document.

  3. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I would like to ask if there is any chance to renew the passport online one of my staff. and apply by himself here in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
    He is from Cameron. if possible to do it online please let me know so I can advise him to do that before sending him back home.

    I really appreciate your help.

    Thank you & regards,
    Aura Acorda
    Outlets Manager

    • Hello Aura, yes you can apply for a Cameroon passport online from Dubai UAE using this link https://passcam.cm/

      The applicant would have to follow the procedure indicated in the article above, fill out the application form, pay, and then obtain an appointment date for submission of documents at the Cameroon Consulate in Dubai. It takes approximately 30days to obtain a Cameroon passport. He must not return to Cameroon to apply for a passport except he has issues with one of the required documents eg a National ID card.

  4. If you lost your national id card, and you have the id card number just call a family member back home to apply for a declaration of lost in a policestation then send it to you. You will be good to go

  5. Please I wish to ask if I can use the my expired receipt, since as I could not get the original after 1yr of waiting ,to renew my passport,and to ask if I can renew it when it’s remaining 1 year bf it expires.
    And most I have present the old booklet at the consate

  6. Pls can you try to login with ur UAE number lets see if they will send you a code for pre enrollment, bcs itreid wonst and I paid my fee but they did not send me and appointment or take me to the next stage for appointment after they confirm my payment.till then I can’t love n again with my number and any other UAE numby. The policy tried logging in with my number but coy no t received any code from passcam. Pls some one should help me try with their numbers so we can know if it’s a problem with us in the UAE bcs I tried fivee other number from dify guys but still couldn’t login.this is my number for any updates on this 0588770934. Lss guys if you want to renew use only email don’t use pH numbers it’s complicated at the pre enrollment stage thanks , I just lose my money on this now even the passcam don’t reply to my complains I sent on mail

    • So what should we do bc we have to give number to be able to receive notification dear just asking bc I want to renew too is there something else we could do?

        • Hello, please Madam Kimberly ,
          can you tell me please how can I do to renew my passport with my expire Cameroon national id card (i have the original expired one with me here in UAE),,, please

  7. Greetings
    Can there be any justification why it takes 30 days for someone in Dubai to be in possession of his/her passport after paying shipping cost of 200aef.
    With biometric, it takes barely 2 to 3 days for the production while in Cameroon, so it’s shipping that delays for 3 weeks? Then what is the advantage of paying such an amount when you can get it as soon as possible?
    Please it’s better the consulate get a fast and quick service provider for passport transportation

  8. hello please i renewed my passport but discovered that the hieght on it is not corrct how can i correct that or it will not be an issue thanks

  9. I didn’t receive the appointment notification via email after my pre-enrollment online. I did receive the receipts. What should I do?

  10. I have an expired carton ID card and my new ID card is not yet out , i have tried to apply for my passport renewal but I don’t have my old ID card number except the number on the carton which is not being accepted by the system. Can you please advice what i need to do

  11. Greetings I wish to renew my passport but my ID card expired 2017 I still have the original . Will it be possible to renew my passport with an expired ID card ?

  12. Please I want to renew my passport and I have all documents at my disposal except my birth certificate which is back home. What should I do??

  13. how can i apply to renewa our camroon passport ( online applicatopn where will get get me any typing center number please share here

  14. Hello please how i will do to have appointment which consul since 2 week already i make enrollment and payment ,since now i did not receive message to complet my document. After send back email to Campass cameroon .please what to do now.

    • Hello Ulrich, have you been able to proceed with your application now? Try logging into the system again and it should be able to let you continue from where you stopped.

  15. Please I just made my online application but made a mistake with order of names!
    Please can this error be corrected at the consulate? Because there’s no option for correction!

    • If you are not redirected to the online appointment scheduling page, please return to the main page of the portal https://www.passcam.cm and log in using the same method (cell phone number or email) as previously; you will be able to resume where you left off with your pre-enrollment, and from there you can continue to the appointment scheduling window.

      • I have applied for my son’s passport and paid, the consulate in Dubai didn’t collect his documents when my wife went to submit it because he birth certificate is Showing that he is born in Cameroon. Not to look at the Bad behavior of the embassy staff; I just wish to ask if I can Get a REFUND of the passport fee 110k which I paid online..

  16. Good day miss Kimberly, please I wish to know what are the requirements for getting a new Cameroon passport in dubia. I lost my passport so I wish to apply for a new one.
    Please I will appreciate if you do reply to this question as soon as possible,
    Thank you very much.

  17. Good day! please i have a worry. I have already appliied for a passport renewal and my appointment has been scheduled. But my ID card is expired already. Can i use the expired iD for renewal?

  18. Hi Kimberly good evening. I submitted my documents for the renewal of my passport and i made a mistake on the issued date of my passport. But, i arrived at the consular office in Dubai and told the lady in charge of enrollment and she told that, the issuing date of my passport is not a big problem. She told me that the only need the order of my names, my parents name, my date of birth, my email address and my phone number. She told me that, the above mentioned must be correct and perfect. I’m just trying to say that, I hope the mistake i made on the issuing date of my old passport is not going to affect me like the lady said. Thanks for reading and I’m waiting for possible reply to support my write up.

    • Hello Elvis, the issue date error of your old passport should not be a problem. As advised by the lady, the main information must be correct for your application to be processed.

  19. Hi ma’am, I enrolled and paid for the past port, and I paid internationally that was on the 1st. I did the payment using my debit card, I received receipt showing the payment went through, but no confirmation was issued so I could present to consulate, so can go to the consulate with the payment receipt. Because it 10day already I have not received any confirmation. Please advise on this. Thank you.

      • Hello Kim, I just made my payment and I didn’t receive an appointment date. My passport will expired on the 17 of July 2023 and today is the 9 of February meaning I have just 6 months left. I made my payment on the 7 of February 2023

  20. Hello Kimberly, I want to renew my passport here in Dubai but the thing is I left my original copy of my birth certificate back home before coming to Dubai. I have here with me the original of my national identity and also a photocopy of my birth certificate. Is there by any chance you can do something for me inorder for me to aquire a new passport here in Dubai?. Cause my passport expires in months time by March 2023.

  21. Hello, I made an appointment afterwards realized my ID card was not available, now I found my missing ID and I have been trying to reschedule my appointment online but when I login with both phone number and email I don’t see my application. I have my pre-application documents. Can I just walk in to the consulate and will I be attend to ?. Thank you

  22. Bonjour Kimberly stp ma question est vraiment urgente je voulais renouveler mon passeport mais j’ai plutôt le récépissé de ma carte d’identité nationale et malheureusement ce récépissé est déjà périmée je ne sais pas si c’est possible de renouveler mon passeport avec ce récépissé ?

    Mais j’ai mon acte de naissance ici avec moi.
    J’ai aussi mon l’ancien passeport avec moi.

  23. Hello I want to renew my passport but I realize the original copy of my birth certificate is missing . Hope they isn’t any rejection

  24. I just paid to for renewal using a friend MTN mobile money ,the deduction was don but I haven’t received any any mail carrying the form

  25. Hello Kimberly, i wish to ask if i will have to pay for the delivery charges of 200dhs from Cameroon to UAE together with the fees?
    or will i pay the delivery at the consulate?

  26. Hello Kimberley ! I hope you are doing well. I have just made the payment by my mother’s Orange Money in Cameroon. the money has been deducted but it’s not reflecting on the website. What to do ?

  27. Hello Kimberley ! I hope you are doing well. I have just made the payment but I made a mistake and failed to print out the receipt. What to Do ?

  28. Good morning Kimberly, please is it possible that I new renew my passport an I get it within 1 week even if it will require extra charges or is it possible to get an authorisation that can enable someone in Cameroon get it for me and send through the fastest means please because my Job depends on that passport now

  29. Hello Kim, I just made my payment and I didn’t receive an appointment date. My passport will expired on the 17 of July 2023 and today is the 9 of February meaning I have just 6 months left. I made my payment on the 7 of February 2023

  30. Please is it possible to get an express passport in Dubai? I mean at most one week from the day of subimting fingerprint and other registration formalities.

  31. Please I need help I apply for my passport and make payment and it was successful because the money was deducted from my account but I couldn’t continue to with the enrollment after 5days I tried again but it was showing I have to pay again so I don’t know what to do now

  32. What if you are in cameroon and your identification card has expired but is still with you and you want to renew your passport can it be possible

  33. I want to know how to get a refund. The consul did not receive my childs passport documents, I have decided to make a Nigerian passport because his mom is Nigerian and we are goong to live in Abuja. I want to get a refund of my 110000frs is it possible?

  34. Is it possible for me to renew my passport. I do have my ID here but I do not have my birth certificate here in Dubai
    I also do not have a valid visa

  35. Bonjour Kim… Mon passport expire le 23 juillet Svp j’aimerai savoir si je peux renouveler étant donné que ma Id reste deux mois ???

    • Greetings Kim. Pls are the consulate attendance for passport renewal strictly on appointment or You can jus go to the office after payment irrespective of the date.
      Secondly. I have all my document intact except the Original of my BC which I hv jus the Scan copy. Can anything be done about it?


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