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New Cameroon Passport – Learn everything from my experience

Cameroon is definitely embarking on the path of modernity and reliability

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Federick Mairong
Frederick Mairong is a holder of a Professional Master's degree in Environmental Sciences and DiPES 2 from the Higher teacher's Training College, both in Cameroon. He doubles as an Environmental Consultant and an International High School Science teacher. Follow him on Facebook to catch on his sequence of TRUTHS @MairongMairong @Positive Thinkers

The President of the Republic of Cameroon, HE Paul Biya on the 17th June 2021 signed Presidential Decree no. 2021/347 laying down the new Cameroon passport application process.

This decree lists the conditions and the procedures for obtaining the 3 types of biometric passports: the ordinary passport, the service passport and the diplomatic passport.

I had the privilege of using this service on its inauguration day today 01 July 2021. I must say, I was quite impressed at the hospitality and the level of professionalism displayed was remarkable.

The New Passport production centre is located in the Etoudi neighbourhood, just between the Tongolo traffic light after Mbala 2, and the famous Carrefour de la Presidence, on the left. The centre is so conspicuous that it can easily be spotted from the main road


My ordinary passport application started with logging into the website https://www.passcam.cm. for an online pre-enrollment procedure. Once in, you will be requested to choose to be notified by phone number or email address. I selected phone number and entered my contact to which a code was sent. You will need this code to proceed to the pre-registration page. This code would permit you to re-login in case you didn’t complete the pre-registration process in one sitting.

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Once on the pre-registration form, you will be asked to fill in your personal information from name to date and place of birth, ID card information, parents’ names and other personal details after choosing the reason for the passport.

Upon completion of the personal information form, you will be directed to the fee payment page where you will be prompted to choose payment options: either through mobile money, orange money, express union etc.

Ordinary Passport Cost: 110,000XAF

Ordinary Passport Validity: 5 Years

Once the payment is confirmed, you will be re-directed to the appointment page to choose an appointment date and time. A confirmation message and email will be sent with a form to print and bring along on the appointment day with some other documents namely:


– a certified copy of your national ID card (certified at any police station)
– a certified copy of your birth certificate (certified at the council)
– any proof of profession


When you arrive at the Cameroon passport production centre, your temperature is taken, your documents checked, ticket printed and you’re directed to sit and wait for your number to be called/displayed on the screen.

Inside the new passport production centre.

Inside Cameroon Passport Production Centre

You proceed to the stand to be served. The process takes about 15mins if your documents are in order. No additional fees are paid at the production centre.

I was told I will be notified by SMS within 48 hours, once my passport is ready for collection.


48hrs after your passport application, you’ll receive a text notifying you that your passport is ready for collection. See screenshot below

notification from DGSN
notification for Cameroon passport collection from DGSN

Thanks to this new passport, Cameroon is definitely embarking on the path of modernity and reliability.

Disclaimer – Effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this personal account. Please verify or check for updates on the DGSN website. PBB accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever. When brought to our attention any errors or omissions will be corrected.


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  1. This is good. But trust me, I have read a lot of negative reviews. People pay the required cash and are deducted, but the system will reject the application.
    What does that mean? Cash is gone! I’d prefer the online registration be done, and when the applicant goes for submission, he/she pays the required sum there.

  2. If your ID card is expired, you can still use the information on the expired ID to complete the online registration, then take your receipt of the new ID card to the appointment. This is because the space for the ID card number in the online registration process cannot accept the special characters in your new ID receipt

    • Using an expired I’d card information doesn’t seem to solve the problem for those with renewed I’d card receipts as the space for « I’d card expiry date » only gives room for valid I’d card(non expired I’d card) once it surpasses the 10 years validity period, it doesn’t allow you go to the next step.

  3. I was in yde for the physical enrollment but after getting I realized an error on my name please how can it be rectify please I need help


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