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2022 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) Qualifiers

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Vincent Ugbaja
Vincent Ugbaja
I am a Masters degree student studying Strategic and Defense Studies (In-view) in the University of Malaya -Malaysia. As an avid sports fan, I write about African sports on PBB. Previously, I worked as a radio presenter for Lion FM 91.5 and a TV guest analyst for Orientation Broadcasting Network. Follow me on Facebook @Vincent Ugbaja

The stage is almost set for the 24 teams that will feature for next year’s Total Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) slated to hold in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6  in 2022.

The Bi-annual event which supposed to hold in 2021 was shifted to 2022 due to the pandemic. They wrote: “At the request of CAF, the Cameroon Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has agreed to postpone the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon 2021 final draw for logistical reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The last time the Central African country hosted the nations cup was in 1972 where Congo emerged as the champion as noted by Goalball. According to CAF online.com, the first Africa Cup of Nation was first hosted in Khartoum  Sudan in 1957  where teams like: Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa and the host country Sudan took part in the competition. South Africa was later disqualified from the competition as a result of Apartheid going on in their country at that time. Thus, Egypt became the first African nation to win the competition after beating Ethiopia 4 nil in the finals of the tournament in Sudan.

However, we shall take a memory lane to give you an update on the 24  African countries that have made it to the AFCON competition slated for Cameroon based on the number(s) of the time participated, their last appearance and best performances in the event so far.

S/N TEAM Number of times Participated Last Appearance Best performance
1 The Desert Warriors of Algeria.

19 Egypt- 2019 Champions: Algeria (1990) and  Egypt ( 2019)
2 The Stallions of Burkina Faso.

12 Gabon- 2017 Runner-up: South Africa (2013)
3 The Indomitable Lions of  Cameroon.

20 Egypt- 2019 Champions: Ivory Coast (1984), Morocco (1988), Ghana-Nigeria (2000), Mali(2002) and Gabon (2017)
4 The Blue Sharks of  Cape Verde.

3 Equatorial Guinea- 2015 Quarterfinals: South Africa (2013)
5 The Coelacanths (fish) of Comoros.

1 None None
6 The Elephants of Cote d` Ivoire.

24 Egypt- 2019 Champions: Senegal (1992) and Equatorial Guinea- (2015)
7 The  Pharaohs of  Egypt

25 Egypt- 2019 Champions: Sudan (1957), Egypt-Then United Arab Republic (1959), Egypt (1986), Burkina Faso (1998), Egypt (2006),Ghana (2008) and  Angola (2010)
8 The National Thunder of Equatorial Guinea.

3 Equatorial Guinea- 2015 Fourth place: Equatorial Guinea (2015)
9 The Walyas (wild goat) of  Ethiopia.

11 South Africa-2013 Champions: Ethiopia (1962)
10 The Panthers of Gabon.

8 Gabon- 2017 Quarterfinals: South Africa (1996) and Gabon-Equatorial Guinea (2012)
11 The Scorpions of Gambia.

1 None None
12 The Black Stars of Ghana.

23 Egypt- 2019 Champions: Ghana (1963),Tunisia (1965), Ghana (1978) and Libya (1982)
13 The National Elephants of Guinea.

13 Egypt-2019 Runner-up: Ethiopia (1976)
14 The Djurtus (wild dogs) of Guinea Bissau.

3 Egypt-2019 Group stage: Gabon (2017) and Egypt (2019)
15 The Flames of Malawi.

3 Angola-2010 Group stage: Cote d` Ivoire then Ivory coast (1984) and Angola (2010)
16 The Eagles of Mali.

12 Egypt-2019 Runner-up: Cameroon (1972)
17 The Almoravid dynasty of Mauritania.

2 Egypt-2019 Group stage: Egypt (2019)
18 The Atlas Lions of  Morocco.

18 Egypt-2019 Champions: Ethiopia (1976)
19 The Super Eagles of Nigeria.

19 Egypt-2019 Champions: Nigeria (1980), Tunisia (1994) and South Africa (2013)
20 The Teranga Lions of  Senegal.

16 Egypt-2019 Runner-up: Mali (2002) and Egypt (2019)
21 The Nile Crocodiles of Sudan.

9 Gabon-Equatorial Guinea-2012 Champions: Sudan (1970)
22 The Carthage (place) Eagles of Tunisia.

20 Egypt-2019 Champions: Tunisia (2004)
23 The Warriors of Zimbabwe.

5 Egypt- 2019 Group stage: Tunisia (2004), Egypt (2006), Gabon (2017) and Egypt (2019)
24 The Leones Stars of Sierra Leone.


3 South Africa (1996) Group stage: Tunisia (1994) and South Africa (1996)






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