Cameroon Passport in the UK: The easiest step-by-step guide on 3 things you must know

Here's all you need to know about applying for a Cameroon Passport in the UK


This guide covers the process of applying for/renewing your Cameroon Passport in the UK.

The application process can be divided into 3 main stages

  1. Pre-enrolment on the website
  2. Physical enrolment on the day of your appointment
  3. The collection process of your Cameroon Passport in the UK

Applying for a Cameroon passport in the UK is pretty much the same across the world however there are differences in the submission and collection procedures which is what we will be highlighting in this article.

The President of the Republic of Cameroon, HE Paul Biya on the 17th of June 2021 signed Presidential Decree no. 2021/347 laying down the new Cameroon passport application process in the UK and anywhere in the world.

All Cameroon passport applications will now be enrolled and paid for online via

Before booking an appointment, it is imperative to confirm you have all the required documents. Several persons have had to cancel their appointments because some processes eg transcription of documents requires an average processing time of 14 days.

The application process for your Cameroon Passport in the UK

Step 1: Online Pre-Enrollment
  1. Applicants must connect to the pre-enrolment site PASSCAM ( to complete the pre-enrollment application.
  2. Pay the passport application fees by credit/debit card -or- Mobile Money.

Note: You MIGHT experience issues when paying by debit or credit card. If you face this problem, an alternative may be to send/transfer funds(the cost of the passport) into the Mobile Money account of someone you trust in Cameroon. This Mobile Money account can be used to complete the online transaction.

3. Book an appointment for physical enrollment at the Cameroon High Commission in London.

NB: – Note that an appointment made can only be changed ONCE (01 time) and is valid for a maximum of ten (10) days, after which, the appointment is canceled.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully available for the day and time of your chosen physical enrollment appointment.

Online Payment for your Cameroon Passport Application in the UK

Please refer all pre-enrollment or online payment issues (including amending appointments) to the DGSN by email: or call the Cameroon police at 1500. For those abroad, it will be easier to deal with DGSN by email.

For queries, specify the problem & attach the below-listed elements:

  • Proof of Payment.
  • Application Number (PO-2021…) provided by SMS or Email.
  • The phone number for mobile payment.

Please note: Do not go to The High Commission without an online enrollment and appointment. The High Commission can only assist where an applicant has fully completed the online process, and uniquely on the day of the physical appointment.

The application process of your Cameroon Passport in the UK

Step 2: Physical Enrolment at the High Commission in London
  • Present yourself at the Cameroon High Commission only on the day and time of your chosen appointment, with your printed pre-enrollment application form (containing a visible barcode and PO number).
  • All supporting documents will be cross-checked and certified against the originals presented. Note: Certification of documents is done at the High Commission in London and costs £12 CASH per document. 
  • Applicant’s personal data (photo, fingerprint & signature) will be collected at the Cameroon High Commission in London. No need to take pictures before coming.
  • A passport application receipt will be issued on completion.
Passport Application Decision
  • Applicants will receive an email or text notification from the Delegate of National Security on the decision of their passport application and collection thereof.
  • Passports are produced by the DGSN within 48 hours in Cameroon. It is worth noting that diaspora passports will take a bit longer because, after production, they need to be assembled and dispatched to various diplomatic missions.
Cameroon Passport - Cameroon High Commission UK
Cameroon High Commission London, UK
Fees/Charges for the application of your Cameroon Passport in the UK
  1. The payment of stamp fees for the new biometric  Cameroon passport is payable ONLY to DGSN directly on their website ( at the time of your pre-enrollment exclusively and costs FCFA110,000.
  2. The only fees that will be charged at the High Commission are for certification/legalization of supporting documents £12 CASH/Document.
  3. The High Commission only accepts payments in cash or by Postal order.

Application Requirements for your Cameroon Passport in the UK

The validity of Cameroon Passports cannot be extended. Applicants are advised to request a renewal of their passports six (06) months before its expiry.

  1. Pre-enrollment application form (proof of payment receipt).
  2. Certified copy of birth certificate or birth certificate extract.
  3. Previous passport & photocopy of the Data page(s).
  4. Certified photocopy of residence permit or entry visa.
  5. Certified copy of valid Cameroon National ID (CNI) or valid Consular Card.
  6. Certified copy of marriage certificate (applicable to married women opting for name change).
  7. Proof of profession or social status (e.g. contract of employment, student ID, a letter from employer…)
  8. Police report or certified declaration of loss/theft (if applicable).
  9. Certified parental or legal guardian authorization (applicable to all applicants under the age of majority- 21 years of age).
    NB: * a certified photocopy of a marriage certificate will counteract the provision of parental authorization for married minors**. Read requirements for different age brackets here

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B. Requirements for your Child’s First Cameroon Passport
  • Pre-enrollment application form (proof of payment receipt).
  • Certified transcribed Cameroon Birth Certificate. Allow a processing time of up to 14 days for the transcription process.
  • Certified copy of father and/or mother’s passport(s).
  • Certified copy of resident permit/Cameroon national ID or consular card (if applicable).
  • Certified parental or legal guardian authorization
    NB: Parents of Cameroonian children born outside of Cameroon are strongly encouraged to request a transcription of their child’s birth certificate into a Cameroon birth certificate, within three months of their birth.

If in any doubt on the application process, refer to this video

The application process for your Cameroon Passport in the UK

Step 3: Collection of your Cameroon Passport at the High Commission, London

Collection of Cameroon Passport Notification from DGSN
Collection of Cameroon Passport Notification from DGSN
  1. After the completion of your passport production, you will be notified by email or text using the email provided during the pre-enrollment stage when your passport is ready for collection in London.
  2. You must present your original receipt and proof of ID to be eligible to collect your passport from the Cameroon High Commission in London.
  3. Your passport can also be collected by a third party. Your chosen person will be required to present the original receipt and a certified letter of authorization.
  4. Also important to note, is the possibility of remote collection. For this, you will have to send your original receipt, a return (special delivery) envelope, and a written and signed letter authorizing the High Commission to send your passport to you.

**Cameroon Passport Collection Times: Monday to Thursday, from 15:00 pm to 16:00 pm exclusively (you will not be received outside of this collection hour)

Please note, Passports Beyond Borders is not affiliated with immigration authorities or their application centers. All information provided is done solely on personal experience and research from the Cameroon High Commission website.

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  1. I missed my appointment date, how do i re-book another appointment to renew my passport at the Cameroon High Commission in London. Any suggestions please

  2. I follow the application procedures and paid. But i cant find the application again online. Each time i log in its a new application. I cant go further to get an appointment date, what do i do?

    • Hello Merlin, it’s unfortunate you are experiencing these issues. To apply for your passport, you need to login into the website for an online pre-enrollment procedure. Once in, you will be requested to choose to be notified by phone number or email address. A code will be sent to whichever option you choose. You will need this code to proceed to the pre-registration page. This code would permit you to re-login in case you didn’t complete the pre-registration process in one sitting. Please check the email you entered or the text message.

    • That’s weird and different from my experience. I started my application and didn’t complete it for quite a while, about 3 weeks. All I needed to do was to use the same login ;either email or phone number and it would automatically retrieve my application. You may want to email them using the email address on their website; I was told they are quite responsive.

  3. Hi
      I applied for a passport renewal at London but I was booked  for Yaounde. I am at the embassy in London and they can’t process my application.  I travelled from afar to get to London  and i will be very grateful if it can be rectify while I am still at the embassy .in this way it will avoid   5 hours of journey. 

    My PO number is PO-20211129-000629.

    I will be elated if this is address as soon as possible. Patiently waiting for your reply.

  4. Hello,
    I am in the process of applying to renew my passport. I am in the UK and I am completing the online form.
    Some of questions that are asked online; I don’t think I know what in formation is required.

    I hold a passport that expired on the 8/AUG/2021. It is not possible to insert this date online as the system is set to only accept future date. Not the past as in the case of my Passport.

    Also, I do not know what the CNI number means. My passport was issues in Aug 2016 and only has 7 digits in my passport number. So I think this is the NEW FORMAT (Start of production of the new format: August 2016). The system is asking me to insert 17 digits based on the new format. I don’t know if this CNI number is referring to something else.
    Where can I find the 17 digit CNI number on my passport.

    Please can you kindly advice on this query?

    Thank you

    REQUEST NUMBER: PO-20220123-000323

    • Hello Millicent, CNI means Carte Nationale D’Identite(National Identity Card). The New Cameroon ID card has 17 digits which might be the reason for your confusion. So select the old ID option and then input the number of your Old ID card. I hope this helps you proceed with your application.

  5. Hi, can someone please help me. I have just applied for a renewal of my passport online and booked an appointment at the embassy in London. However, I left the Cameroon national ID card space empty coz I left Cameroon ages ago and I have never been back. My ID Card has therefore expired. Is this going to be a problem?
    I am planning on taking it to my appointment though. Can anyone please give me any advice on this? Thanks

    • Hello Noel, can you let us know how your appointment went after submitting your documents with the expired ID? What was advised? Your reply will help the next person in the same situation.

  6. Hi please i need your help. I paid for my passport production on the 26 of may 2022. The uk passport delegation was to be in finland on friday and Saturday that is 27 and 28 of may. So my file was rejected due to the fact that yaound did not respond to my email to shift my enrollment office to London and date to 27 of may 2022. Im confused like are they going to push my passport date to September or i will just lost 170 euros like that?.

    • If you need to reschedule your appointment at a different date/time/location, you can
      do so through the online portal yourself, or if that option is not available to you, you can submit your request to the Customer
      Service by email at If no response, keep sending reminders.

    • Hello, If you need to reschedule your appointment at a different date/time/location, you can
      do so through the online portal yourself, or if that option is not available to you, you can submit your request to Customer Service by email at As a reminder, please make sure that you select the intended location for your appointment.

    • Good evening Nuella. Did you succeed in rescheduling your appointment? I would like to reschedule mine and I haven’t gotten a response to my email yet.
      Thank you

  7. I had my appointment last week (01/06),
    But I realise now that I wrongly fill my Surname (because I want to change my name as I get married).
    Is there a chance to modify it?

  8. I apply for my cameroon passport in June 2021 I have not received the passport or any email from the embassy

  9. Dear Sir / Madam

    I write to call your attention that I applied for my passport on 19/03/2022 using the online system.

    I paid the sum of 110,000 CFA F but I was not directed to any page for a biometry appointment and never received any SMS. Each time I go back to the site, I am asked to pay again.

    What can I do to have my biometry appointment scheduled? Please help me out with this.

    Kind regards

  10. Hi dear.
    I reside in UK and I am trying to apply for a cameroonian passport for 2 kids born here. But for some reasons I can’t put the details related to location . Why is tha

  11. Can I apply for a new pssport in the UK and as a matter of urgency ask someone to pick that up in Cameroon so I can get aas fast as possible in the UK?

  12. Hi Kimberly,

    My passport will expire in 09/23, I was about applying for a renewal when I realised I’ve lost my Cameroon ID. Is there any way to make a new ID in the Uk or make a passport without the ID or will I have to travel to Cameroon to make a new ID?

  13. Hello

    I applied for a passport renewal 09/2/2023 at London cameroon embassy.
    Today is 03/05/2023 I still haven’t heard back. I have no means of checking up on it. Please what can I do.

    • Hi Sidonie, you should receive a text message or an email advising your passport is ready for collection(depending on what option you selected during the pre-enrollment). If you haven’t until now, then you can email your PO number to to query this.

  14. Hello Kimberly

    I reside in the UK and my passport will expire on 08/23, my ID is expired. When filling the online application form I can’t go past where I need to fill in my ID card expiry date because it says expiry date can’t be in the past. Please how can I renew my passport with an expired ID card here in the UK.

  15. HI Kimberly ,
    While trying to fill in the online form for a passport renewal, I realized I was asked for my place of birth, region of birth and department of birth.

    I was born in Senegal and from the look of things, There is no way I can enter this information on the portal . Because of this, I have not been able to proceed with my application. could you kindly advise me on what to do to solve this issue please.


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