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3 things you must know about how to renew your Cameroon Passport in Dubai that will save you time

The 30 Page Cameroon Passport with 5 years validity will cost FCFA110,000 irrespective of the country from which you are applying.

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This article outlines the procedures, requirements, and fees needed to get a new Cameroon passport in Dubai, UAE(United Arab Emirates).

Applying for a Cameroon Passport within and outside of Cameroon has always been a big challenge up until the 1st of July 2021 when the new biometric Cameroon passport procedure was rolled out.

The 30 Page Cameroon passport with 5 years validity will cost FCFA110,000 irrespective of the country from which you are applying.

The simplified Cameroon Passport renewal process in Dubai, UAE can be done in 2 main stages

  1. The pre-enrollment stage
  2. Registration at the Consulate General

How to apply or renew a Cameroon Passport in the UK in 2021


The first step to applying for a Cameroon passport in Dubai and anywhere in the world is registering your personal data via the website (www.passcam.cm)

Next is paying the Cameroon passport fees a total of 110,000xaf which can be done by

  1. credit/debit card -or-
  2. Mobile Money

Note: You MIGHT experience issues when paying by debit or credit card. If you face this problem, an alternative may be to send/transfer funds(the cost of the passport) into the Mobile Money account of someone you trust in Cameroon. This Mobile Money account can be used to complete the online transaction.

After the payment, you’ll receive a receipt containing a bar code which you must print.

Next, you’ll receive an SMS from DGSN specifying the centre and the date of the appointment for registration.


Next, you’d have to attend your appointment (with your receipt issued online) in accordance with the text message you received after the pre-enrollment procedure bringing along the following documents

  • The receipt which was issued online during the pre-enrollment process
  • Your original birth certificate + Certified copy (to be certified at the Consulate General)
  • A valid national ID card + Certified copy (to be certified at the Consulate General)
  • Supporting Documents of your profession (Employment contract/offer letter) if applicable
  • Marriage certificate + certified copy; for married women wishing for a name change (to be certified  at the Consulate General)
  • 2 Photocopies of your visa/Emirates ID
  • 2Photocopies of your old passport
  • Parental authorization for minors to be certified at the Consulate General
  • A declaration of loss for those who have lost their passports
  • 50AED representing the certification fees for the required documents.
  • 75AED for consular card
  • 2 photos 4×4 for babies

It should be noted that all Cameroon Passport Applicants in Dubai will incur an additional cost of AED200 to cover the delivery cost of their passport in Dubai via specialized companies.

All children under 15 are required to attend appointments only for photographic purposes as their fingerprints are not required.


Cameroon Consulate in Dubai
Renew your Cameroon Passport at the Cameroon Consulate in Dubai, UAE

On your appointment day, you will be enrolled by the Consular officer who will scan your receipt, verify your required documents and proceed to take the passport size photos and biometric data (fingerprints). All photocopies will be certified and your file will be forwarded to the Production Centre in Yaounde at the end of the registration process.

Passport applicants will be notified when their passport is ready for collection via texts/email entered at the time of enrollment.

Where is Cameroon Consulate located in Dubai?

The Cameroon consulate in Dubai is located at;

18 73 B St – Al Satwa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  1. When applying for your Cameroon Passport in Dubai, ensure to attend your appointment with the exact amount of notes/cash. The probability of the inability to change your money by the consulate cashier is high.
  2. Operation timing could be an issue. On the day of your appointment, it is important to clear your schedule of any other activities as the application or collection process may take longer than expected.

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I hope this comprehensive guide answers your questions about applying for a Cameroon Passport in Dubai. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section and we would get back to you.

Have you recently applied for a Cameroon Passport in Dubai, UAE? Please let us know in the comment section your experience and what to be aware of.

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