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Study in Malaysia 2021- Student Recruitment Westminster International College (UK Degrees)

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Kimberly is the founder and Editor in Chief at Passports Beyond Borders (PBB). She is an award-winning entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in the Travel Industry. She is a very passionate family woman who enjoys the thrill of living in multiple countries as an expatriate. Connect with Kim on Facebook & Instagram @Kimberlyndehfombang

Elvis is originally Cameroonian with a Swedish nationality. He has a wide range of experience in international marketing and has worked in several countries across the globe. He has been living and working in Malaysia since March 2012 as an International Marketing and Liaison officer at Westminster International College a Division of the London School of Commerce (LSC) with expertise in student recruitment, visa guidance and counselling. The job requires lots of travelling to create awareness and sensitize the masses on the importance of Business education and the successes that follow.


So what is your job entail and why did you move to Malaysia?

As an international Marketing Officer at Westminster International College (WIC) in Collaboration with London School, with the main role to recruit students from all across to globe to study in Malaysia.

It entails identifying a good market, organizing a taught marketing campaign, recruiting the students and following up for them to get a student visa to come and study in Malaysia

We moved to Malaysia to expand our market share in S. E Asia.

What are the successes you have registered since moving here?

So far,

  • we have increased the international student population to 70%
  • We have also created a huge brand awareness about studying in S.E. Asia

What are your greatest challenges as a Marketing consultant in WIC? Moreover, how do you think they can be overcome?

  • The greatest challenge is at the level of getting a student visa. Lots of documentation are required and the timing is usually not friendly.
  • Another big challenge is convincing the parents to choose Malaysia as a study hub over countries in the west such US, UK, Canada, Australia etc

Overcoming such challenges was and are tough. In case of visa delays, we advise our students to plan their travelling 2-3 months ahead and we also do invest a lot of time in counselling them to prepare the right documents on time.

I know there has been a recent trend of people paying tuition fees just to have a visa to live in Malaysia but do not attend school. How does your institution kick against these negative practices?

I have heard of such practices, but I really do not know how true this is. WIC practises the UK standard where both students and staff have to sign in using a Bio-metric device. This is a computerized system that requires the fingerprints of every student on every class to record and transfer the attendance to the central database in the UK which calculates student attendance and provide a list of those below 80% for warning and disciplines.

EMGS on the other hand requires this student information for visa renewal so if you default, you are trapped.

What are some of your expectations from newly recruited students?

I always expect every student to take their studies seriously, especially knowing how much has been invested (both financial and time) to get here to Malaysia.

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What are some of the courses offered by the school?

We offer the following Courses ; Doctorate of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Bachelors of Business Students and Foundation in Business. We also offer 6-9 month English classes for Non-English speaking students


Considering Malaysia has become The melting pot in recent years, with the influx of expats into the country, how structured are The programs to cater for the tight schedules of expats who would like to study in WIC?

Do you think Malaysia is a family-friendly country?

Malaysia is considered friendly because of its stable, socio-political and economic climate. The Education and healthcare system is fast developing and very conducive for expats.

What are some of the challenges African expats in Malaysia face and can you suggest any solutions?

Most challenges faced by every expat is a sense of belonging. We face difficulties blending in and going with the flow.


I know as an Expat, you go where work calls or sends you. However, do you see yourself here in the distant future?

We really cannot predict the future, but I am very flexible and open to try new things and see new places. That is the fun of being human.

What are the changes you would like to see for Africans in Malaysia?

It would be advisable for expats to come together and create a subculture that will cater for their needs in areas of socials, culture and development.


What is your best advice you can give to any expat considering moving to Malaysia?

We are a sum up of our experiences. So where ever you find yourself as an expat, just put in your best and work with your heart. Malaysia is opening its borders to welcome new talents. Let us make them proud.

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