Passport Beyond Borders (PBB) was launched in September 2018 in Malaysia. The initiative for this blog was to showcase Africans based in Malaysia as positive contributors to the society. After living in Malaysia, I came to realize that there was the generalization that most Africans living in Malaysia were wrongly perceived to be fraudsters, drug peddlers or prostitutes and all other forms of vices.

On the contrary there are numerous Africans from Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and other countries working and doing legit businesses in Malaysia while contributing positively and representing the nation (Malaysia) in different capacities.

To clear such misconceptions and bridge any knowledge gaps, I started having interviews with African residents to get more information based on their personal experiences. These interviews are made available for African expats planning to relocate here, students interested in pursuing studies and tourists.

PBB is growing into a larger community that provides free information, sharing inspiring stories and travel experiences of people from different works of life living beyond their borders.

no distance is too far

”Dont Listen to what they say. Go and see” – Chinese proverb

Building Memories

Life is only as good as the memories we make ~ The Ataris – So Long Astoria.





Interesting stories from diverse experiences. Will definitely give you a good perspective of your future city. Kingsley Duah

This is quite informative for anyone planning to travel to Malaysia for visit or work. The experience shared sounds real and practical and experiences like this simply prove that stereotypes can be broken. I love the direction and content of this blog and will be visiting frequently to see others views and experiences. 

Emmanuel Fongeh

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Inspiring stories of people living beyond their borders.

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“Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter”

-African Proverb