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Kimberly Siri Ndeh – Founder & CEO PBB shares her Story.

PBB Conversation with Fokim Fon Fondo – Founder & CEO FOKIM MONEY

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8 Must Try Malaysian foods

8 Must Try Malaysian foods

Malaysia a country located in the south east Asian region is known for its many tourists attractions from its pristine beaches in Terengganu , to the tropical paradise of Langkawi, Malaysia is a choice destination for tourists all around the world.  However, that’s...

Coronavirus Infection: Malaysia confirms its first cases

Coronavirus Infection: Malaysia confirms its first cases

Malaysia has just confirmed its first cases of the Coronavirus infection in the country. The Minister of Health of Malaysia Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad recently confirmed this while speaking in a news conference. He said that the affected persons are of Chinese...

8 Fantastic Reasons to Study in Malaysia

8 Fantastic Reasons to Study in Malaysia

Though Malaysia's vision 2020 to become a self sufficient Industrialized country may not be achievable according to Dr Mahathir, one of its goals is to provide world class education. The country is home to international universities which makes it a desired...

Our Malaysia Team

Kimberly founded Passports Beyond Borders(PBB) to pursue her passion for entrepreneurship, cultural representation, success inspirations and travel. PBB was also born out of the strong desire to create a balance of stories for Africans in Malaysia.

Kimberly N Fombang

Founder & CEO, Passports Beyond Borders

Vincent's career started as a radio presenter for Lion FM 91.5 and a TV guest analyst for Orientation Broadcasting Network. He later joined Malachy Prime Trade Investment Ltd Nigeria as Supervisor/Marketing officer from 2009 - 2015.
Vincent Ugbaja

Passports Beyond Borders Malaysia

Fel⁩icity enjoys working on the intersection of creative, education and lifestyle. Originally from Nigeria , she joined PBB as a student of the University of Malaya, where she's currently obtaining her Masters degree in international Relations and Strategic Studies.
Felicity Obasi

Passports Beyond Borders Malaysia

Louis is a freelance videographer and a visual artist based in KL, Malaysia.
He earned his Chartered Accountancy and Bachelor degree in Accounting and has worked for top professional firms in KL and Singapore. He started his own YouTube channel in 2018 to pursue his on-going passion in video filmmaking. Louis combines his love for classical music and filmmaking, telling stories and sharing unique perspectives of people through the visual lens.

Louis Lim

Videographer, Passports Beyond Borders Malaysia


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