On the 16th of March 2020, the government of Malaysia like many other governments around the world in a preventive effort to curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, issued a Movement Control Order (MCO). The MCO which officially began on the 18th of March was implemented across the country for 14 days. Under this regulation, the government of Malaysia ordered that movement of persons from place to place would be restricted except for the following reasons: to buy food supply for yourself and family, to carry out essential services such as police, doctors, nurses etc., to seek medical care, food deliveries and so on.

The MCO has been under way for the past 6 days now, and as natural people are becoming restless, bored and claustrophobic. Many people are beginning to look for things to do to past time. If you fall into this group, be rest assured as I have highlighted some few ways for you to make the most out of your stay at home.

1. Increased time with family


With the MCO in place, this means more time with the family. This is the time when we can take advantage of having the same schedule (staying at home). This is especially good for parents who work late or rarely have enough time to spend with their children. Eat together, watch TV together, and pray together. Again for parents this is a good time to catch up on your children’s lives, use this time to get to know them, talk to them about every and anything. Get to know their likes, dislikes, who their friends are, hobbies, including what their interests are. I bet you, you’ll be shocked at the things you’ll discover. This is a time for family bonding, play games together, cook together, do laundry as a family. Let this time be for you and your family to enjoy rather than stress about diseases.

2. De-clutter

Now that we have enough time on our hands, we need to make the most of it before we resume our busy live styles. Use this opportunity to catch up on those chores you’ve been putting side all this time. Whether it is re-arranging and cleaning out your closet, clearing out your pantry, spring cleaning the whole house now is the time. Make a list of tasks for each day and see to it that you try to accomplish at least one task every day.

3. Redefined Relationships


Now that we have a much slower life, why not make use of it to redefine not just ourselves but our relationships. By relationship I don’t only mean between spouses, it goes beyond that it extends to our siblings, friends, lovers, parents, and maybe even co-workers. Now, instead of using your free time fixated on your phones, following the news on the spread of this virus, using social media as a way of escape; we must learn to maximize our time reviving and maintaining a healthy and meaningful physical connection to our loved ones and people around us.

Call up family members on the phone, thanks to advanced technology we have a wide range of apps at our finger tips with which to keep up with loved ones. Face Time your parents, siblings, friends, and even those meddling relative of yours. It doesn’t hurt to hear from them and inquire how they are coping amidst this pandemic. Rather than spend all your time on social media, have conversations with other people outside of your usual circle. Practice intentional interaction for the sole purpose of love and friendliness.

4. Rediscover yourself

Over the coming days, you will have enough time to work on yourself. During the normal times many of us have been too busy to have a quiet time and rediscover ourselves. Now is the time for you to focus not only on your wellbeing, but also on your personal growth area. You can take up reading, studying, writing, meditating, or even learn a new skill. Make the most of this movement restriction and take a step back, focus on yourself, set goals and tasks you need to accomplish. Take advantage of this time and care for your spiritual and emotional selves.

5. Update your knowledge


This is mainly for students. In light of the MCO many institutions of learning have adopted e-learning teaching. Movement restriction doesn’t mean you should abandon your studies. So complete your course outlines, finish your assignments, create study groups on line and study together. And even if you are not a student, take time to read those books you had been procrastinating on. Those skill or hobbies you have been wanting to develop but have not had time to, the time is now.

I suppose there is an upside of this restricted movements in Malaysia and around the world, we now have spare time to spend with family, am talking about some nice, unhurried time. we are not in a rush to to get to work, school, appointments and all other different commitments we have. slowing down will actually help you enjoy the time a bit more. The time is now, I hope we all emerge from this better and upgraded in every aspect.

How are you spending your time during this lock down? Let us know in the comment section below

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