As the world continues to panic over the outbreak of the new coronavirus (covid-19), several countries have in an attempt to curb spread of the disease placed travel restrictions. the Nations across the world that had programmed events, sporting meets, conferences and seminars have respectively been cancelling these activities to limit gathering people and thus curbing the spread of the virus.

In Europe, Italy became the European leader in cases of the disease officially known as COVID-19. Its tally increased sharply as several clusters of infections with no connection to the virus’s site of origin in China appeared. The nation’s football league suspended matches, and officials sealed off towns to prevent additional local transmission, mirroring China’s decision to lock down Hubei Province.

Worth nothing on the travel bans list is in the Middle East where the virus has gained a grip on Iran and is spreading across. Other nations in the region like the UAE have placed travel restrictions to and from Iran. The UAE also cancelled its cycling tour after 5 of the 7 rounds of the game had taken place, upon discovering 2 cases of the infection amongst participants at the game.

Several large industry events have been scrapped, including the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, after major companies said they would not attend. The following companies are curtailing travel or events, or encouraging people to work from home: Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Salesforce, Square, Twitter. 

In the UAE, the government has closed down nursery schools and also preparing to close the semester for the summer break. Online studies are gradually gaining more grounds as the nation encourages parents to create convenient study space at home for their children to follow-up lessons online. The nation, having one of the most busy Airports in the world, serving as a hub and transit for hundreds of thousands of flights yearly has also installed thermal detectors at the airport to enhance detection of the corona virus.

Coronavirus and the Travel Industry

It is therefore important to carefully plan your trips, visit embassy websites to find out more on recent travel restrictions and most recently for those in GCC countries, always have your passport in hand for any travel purposes as the national identity card is at this moment not considered for travels. While we hope for a breakthrough in the fight against the deadly virus, let’s keep basic hygiene etiquettes to curb its spread.

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