Sumareh is the first and only naturalized African in Malaysia.

The Gambian-born Malaysian footballer plays for Pahang FC in the Malaysia Super League and the Malaysian National Team.

In an interview with PBB, Sumareh details the struggles and sacrifices he made in order to achieve his dreams of becoming a professional football player.

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Questions Mohamadou responded to in this video
  1. Can you tell me about yourself (Your name, where you are from and when you came to Malaysia and why did you choose Malaysia?)
  2. What has your football journey in Malaysia been like especially playing with Subangjaya FC down to PDRM ( the police team) which was your take off point?
  3. At what point in your career till date did you ever feel, this is a dream come true?
  4. How did you feel when you were called up to the Malaysian National team despite all odd of being an African? How did your Malaysian colleagues/friends react to this news?
  5. Giving up ones nationality is an emotional thing, how did you feel about giving up your Gambian Nationality for Malaysian Nationality? How did your family and friends react to this?
  6. Are there possibilities of other African nationals to obtain Malaysian citizenship? And in your opinion, what qualifies a person for Malaysian citizenship?
  7. What is the process like dropping the old nationality and taking up a new one and can your nationality be revoked?
  8. What in your opinion what is it that makes you exceptional to be deserving of this?
  9. Since the inception of the FIFA World Cup in 1930, Malaysia has not qualified for the FIFA World cup. What do you think are some of the challenges Malaysian football is facing and what recommendations can you give?
  10. Comparing Malaysian team with some of the African teams what do you think Malaysian football is lacking that they can emulate from African teams?
  11. What contributions have you made to the African football community in Malaysia especially those youngsters with a passion for the sport?
  12. “Keli boy” as your club team mates in Pahang FC will call you. What inspired this name?
  13. As a Malaysian, what are your long term career plans and would it ever be possible for you to play with the big European clubs someday?
  14. How do you balance work and Personal life (Family, relationships, friends & Leisure)
  15. Who has been your biggest inspiration in the game of football?
  16. What is your advice for the African Governments in terms of Football management as regard to your experience in Malaysia?
  17. Finally, what advice can you give to the Africans in Malaysia on a mission to drag the ‘African brand’ into the mud?
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Interviewed & Edited by: Kimberly N Fombang
Camera: Vincent Ugbaja

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