My husband and I are Cameroonian citizens while our daughter is American. We live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia as expats. The following guide is based on our family experience applying for a tourist visa to China from Kuala Lumpur.

Chinese Tourist Visa with Cameroonian/Nigerian Passport

We got transferred to Malaysia from Dubai and we immediately fell in love with the country the first time we set foot here. What do you do when you find yourself in south East Asian country? Take advantage and travel round Asia.

So, we made plans as a family to visit China as Tourists. Our friend in China sent us an invitation letter and her ID card (as per this requirement below.

  • An Invitation letter for tourist issued by a relevant unit in China (Ministry of Tourism)/ a letter of proof from travel agencies in China/ Invitation letter from relative of friends in China and Photocopy of their identity card

We got all the documents ready in time so we could travel as soon as our visas were issued to us. After 3 attempts on different days, submitting our application was impossible because our nationality required more than just the letter from a relative or friend. We were expected to have with us an INVITATION LETTER FROM A TRAVEL AGENCY IN CHINA.

The worst part of this is that, we had confirmed low fare air tickets for 3 passengers scheduled to leave on a Thursday with Air Asia. I was very confident we were going to get the visas. Unfortunately we lost everything. Air Asia has the policy of not refunding except for Airport Tax so beware of this. Date Change is possible in the case where you selected that option.

Please do read their policies carefully before purchasing a ticket.

Below are the required Documents for Cameroon/Nigerian passport holders. This may apply but not limited to other African passports.

Required Documents

  • At least 6 months Validity of Malaysian long term visa
  • Supporting Documents relevant to Malaysian long term Visa e.g
        1. Student Visa – School letter,
        2. Employment Visa – company letter,
        3. Visit Pass – Marriage Certificate
  • Reservation of 2 ways air ticket
  • Confirmed Hotel Booking from China (booking must carrry information for all passengers and all relevant details).
  • Bank Statement for the last 3 months with at least RM10,000 (per adult passenger. If there are 2 adult passengers you’ll require a closing account balance of RM20,000 and so on)
  • An Invitation letter for tourist issued by a relevant unit in China (Ministry of Tourism)/ a letter of proof from travel agencies in China/ Invitation letter from relative of friends in China and Photocopy of their identity card
  • Completed Visa Application form, 2 recently taken colour passport photo with White Background (Size 48 x 33mm) attached. NOTE: Passport Size photos in the past were taken inside the visa center. At the time of writing this, the service has been moved to STUDIO CAFE next to 7/11 opposite Hampshire Place Building less than 2 minute walk. See Photo below.
  • Photocopy of the passport’s Data page and previous China Visas along with its stamp. For us, they further requested for a photocopy of the last entry date stamp into Malaysia.
  • Applicant’s original passport from 1st Jan 2015 – Present.


Address: Level 5 & 6 Hampshire Place Office
Jalan Mayang Sari, 50450
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  1. Before you even head towards the embassy visit the embassy website and download then print the application for your China Tourist Visa (L). You can also fill up the form online and then print it out and sign it.
  2. Be sure to complete all the sections completely.
  3. Make a copy of your passport ID pages and make sure you have 2 empty pages and 6 months validity
  4. Make a copy of your passport page that shows your latest entry stamp into Malaysia (this proves you are in Malaysia legally)
  5. Provide a recent passport photo (specific dimension 33mm x 48mm. Do not worry much about this because the picture can be taken at Studio Cafe opposite Hampshire place next to 7/11).20190607_1040345225484169600424032.jpg
  6. Make a copy of your itinerary for visiting China.
  7. Make a copy of your confirmed hotel reservations or letter of invitation/accommodation registration form if you will be living with a relative or friend.
  8. Use the embassy website to make an appointment for dropping off your paperwork. This is optional you can just walk in like we did. Be sure to get there earlier than 9am because it can get really crowded after that.20190611_1224138649133421950817678.jpg
  9. Bring your passport along with all other documents to your appointment. These documents will be checked at the reception desk and once confirmed they are OK, you’ll receive a number for submission at the counter.


Note: Your application can be rejected even after successful submission as was the case with us. I got a call from the visa center a couple of hours after submission saying that our documents were incomplete. We didn’t have an invitation letter from a Travel agency in China as mentioned earlier.


Rejected Applications

Also Note that, American citizens do not require such a letter when applying for a China tourist visa from Kuala Lumpur. Minimum visa duration is 10 years multiple entry for Americans.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comment section below and if possible share your personal experience. Also, feel free to share this with your friends who might need it. 

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