Most Africans in the Diaspora forget to understand that, they are not living life according to their terms but someone else`s (the employer). After shuffling between payment of bills and other consumable debts, they end up with little or no savings. Fast forward 10-15 years down the line, they realize they are getting tired and with the sudden realization of possible retirement, they start getting frustrated and pour all their frustrations on what is not working back home and with a feeling of superiority towards their co-citizens who didn’t travel, they expect everyone to listen to them and receive orders from them once they visit home.

This quest for significance and control is what always results in protests in foreign embassies and even in their respective countries. They come to the sad realization that, they have left nothing for their descendants at the time of death, neither can they influence the companies they worked for to recruit their kids, because the companies are owned by industrialists from Western/Asian origins.

What explains the fact that, 98% of all protests are from African countries? Is it that Western countries (The destination of most African immigrants) represent the utopia? Why don`t we see Chinese, Russians, Belgians etc protest daily in front of their embassies? Even when western countries experience protests like in the case of France where the “Gillet Jeune” are asking for reforms, they do not do so with arms neither do they wish death upon their leaders. Why is it only among Africans do we hear stories of atrocities and total lack of patriotism in what they say about their respective countries?

The response to these questions though might appear complex, all have a root cause…


The ultimate question to be posed is; why does the world have many more African immigrants?

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Though the response is simple, in that poverty back home forces people to migrate, we must understand that poverty is a term which is almost synonymous to AFRICA. Just 40 years ago, China was poorer than most African countries. Why has a country like china transformed so fast but many African countries, are still trailing? Until Africans understand geopolitics, they might never be able to emerge out of poverty.

Geopolitics is what explains the fact that, 99.9% of all Africans in the Diaspora are employees. Some even work for companies owned by Chinese and Indians. These are countries that were poorer than most African countries just a few decades.

Most other immigrants travel or visit other countries for the sake of gaining experience and eventually returning home to enhance or fix an existing problem. However, most Africans travel out for the sake of never returning back to their countries of origin which they consider  ”Hell on Earth”.

A simple example is for an African to understand that, most European farmers cannot employ original white Europeans to harvest berries, cherries, grapes etc from their farms. They cannot do that for two reasons. The first reason is that, harvesting fruits is a non value adding activity that requires little or no skills. As such, the wage is little and most Europeans will not accept that meager pay wage. The second reason linked to the first is that, the job of harvesting fruits being a non value adding activity is not good for the white man who has been portrayed as a superior human being. As such, irrespective of how much the EU cries about immigration, they are ready to tolerate some level of immigration by Black Africans in order to have cheap labor for such jobs. This frees up their time and they concentrate on more value adding activities like manufacturing which products are eventually sold to Africans who have passed all their time doing non value adding activities like cleaning hotel rooms and toilets.

It is therefore imperative for the African Diaspora to understand this and thus engage in creating value back home for it is the only way for them to safeguard the future of their descendants.


Some may be tempted to think that since they do not do blue collar jobs, the above principle doesn’t apply to them, I urge this category of Diasporas to honestly do a retrospective as well as soul searching and find out the number of Africans who occupy top/senior managerial positions among the fortune 500 companies. How many Africans do we have as CEO’s of the fortune 500 companies? The aim is not to make anyone feel bad about themselves, but rather to understand that, the majority western owners of these huge multi-national companies will rather employ the Africans who have ran away from ‘HELL’ only to those positions that are disposable. By disposable I mean, they can easily be replaced because their presence or absence does not affect the core operations of the business. That explains why very few Africans work as field engineers in oil companies for example but can easily have jobs for support services like HR, Admin, finance, legal etc. the core operations of an oil company is the process of extracting the oil and this is the knowledge that is vital to wealth creation.



Since there is nothing wrong with learning new ideas, I urge the African Diaspora, to think out of the box and consider themselves more like employers and not employees. To copy the examples of the Indians and the Chinese who often own businesses out of their countries. It is not by protesting in front of foreign embassies and painting our countries as hell that we will emerge. Rather it is by understanding that, POVERTY is what makes us being referred internationally as “IMMIGRANTS” meanwhile those of the Western Hemisphere are mostly referred to as “EXPATS” when they work out of their countries of origin.

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