Hello everyone,

I have the honor to announce that I (We) have been nominated as ‘African woman of the year 2019’ for the Pride of Africa Asia Pacific Awards in China.

The Pride of Africa awards is a subsidiary of the Appreciate Africa Network a Non-Profit Organization whose sole intent is to promote the values of African socio-cultural and economic contributions anywhere in the world starting from their base of operation in China.

The Network was launched in Beijing China on the 29th  of  June 2013  by Dr. Samantha Sibanda with  a purpose to create awareness about Africa, African people and their culture.


To be able to win the award in this category, we would need all hands on deck to VOTE using the link below.


  1. Click this this link to  be  redirected  to  the  voting  site


  2. Wait a few seconds for the Blue Start Button ( after clicking this, wait for a couple of seconds and this will take you to the first category ‘outstanding DJ award’. You must vote for someone in this category to be able to unlock the next category.
  3. For your vote to be registered, you must vote for all 24 categories.
  4. Click this link and scroll through to read more about the different nominees and their achievements in the Asia Pacific  region


  5. Feel free to vote as many times in a day as possible. There are no voting restrictions.
  6. Thank you very much. I am counting on your votes to win this.

Click to Vote 

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