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A mother on a flight bound for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Jeddah has refused to continue the flight after she realized she had forgotten her baby at the terminal.

The pilot made the unusual request to return to the airport in Jeddah shortly after takeoff when the passenger told cabin crew she had forgotten her child.

In this video of the pilot calling air traffic control reveals an exchange between him and the operators, as he asks for permission to go back to King Abdulaziz airport.

According to The Guardian the pilot asks.“May God be with us. Can we come back?”

“This flight is requesting to come back,” he tells another colleague. “A passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing.”

The pilot can be heard repeating to the air traffic operator: “I told you, a passenger has left her baby in the terminal and she is refusing to continue the flight.”


A lot of flights have been forced to turn around for several different reasons. Apparently, this was the first of its kind. After a brief pause by the air traffic controller, the Pilot was given an OK to come back to the gate for the baby.


In March 2016, a British Airways plane flying from Heathrow to Dubai was forced to turn around after passengers began complaining of asmelly poo in the toilet,” customers said. According to the Telegraph, the crew wasn’t able to fix the problem, leading the plane to return to its original location for health and safety reasons.

In 2016, a United Airlines plane leaving from Hawaii to Japan was forced to return back to its departure location after one passenger refused to sit down during meal service. According to the FBI, the passenger said he didn’t feel like eating and wanted to do yoga and meditate in the back area of the plane instead.

When flight attendants and fellow passengers (including his wife) attempted to get him back to his seat, he became angry and violent, according to the FBI’s criminal complaint.

The man was arrested, and later sentenced to pay United Airlines more than $44,000 in restitution. He was also sentenced to time served.

Join the conversation by leaving your comments in the comment section below: Could the baby have been forgotten as a result of Postpartum Depression? What’s the worst thing you’ve forgotten?

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