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The International women’s day celebrated annually on 8th of March is a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and Ethiopian Airlines is doing it again in grand style. In a tweet, the airline announced its all operating women flight quote “the Lucys are about to control the skies for the fifth time flying to Oslo on the coming March 8.”


Mr Tewolde GebreMariam (Ethiopian Airline CEO) announced in a statement in Abuja that, the all-women flight would have as its theme, “All women functioned flight” to operate from the continent of Africa to meet with its counterparts in Europe to show the power of women to the world. This is the airline’s 5th time embarking on an all women flight. This means female professionals will handle every aspect from, airport operations, load control, ramp operation, safety and security, catering, air traffic control, flight dispatch, on-board logistics and flight deck


The CEO also explained that, the initiative celebrates women on a continent where “gender inequality still persists”.

“Women are an integral part of our success story from the start, and with this dedicated flight, we honour and celebrate their indispensable contribution to our aviation group and the broader aviation industry, our country and the continent at large.”

Are you ready? The clock is ticking. Lets Go. Happy Women’s Day to all women around the globe.



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