Collins Esekhile is Nigerian, his parents are originally from Esan West local government in Edo state Nigeria, and he was born in Sapale delta state.
He moved to Malaysia in 2011 to further his education but he had always to train people in sports. Due to his sports background.
He started competing for his school and was very successful and very popular in at state level. At age 12, he was already drawing attention as he was constantly visited by members of the Edo state sports Council.  Three years later, he was invited to compete at the state level, a few competitions across Nigeria and outside Nigeria.
From then on, he could already see himself choosing sports as a career despite the fact that he was also talented in other areas.

What  Sporting  activities where you involved in Nigeria and were you involved in any sports administration in Nigeria?
I was involved in athletes (track and field) I did the 100m and 200m with a personal best time of 10.02 secs in the 100m and 22.05 secs in the 200m event. I also did the long jump and high jump where I won a few medals.
Yes, I was a member of the Edo state sports Council, team captain and also a member of the Edo state amateur athletes association.
How was journey like from the beginning of your career to this level in Malaysia?
 Well, I would like to say it was fun simply because I was very passionate about it but then it wasn’t really easy at all. There were times I had to stop for a few years to get a job somewhere just to survive.
How did you start up your own Sports  Academy, what were the challenges and how did you overcome them?
I first started working as a coach to in a few organisation before starting my sports academy in 2015, football and tracks,it was nothing close to being easy at all.
I had to work very hard to sustain and to keep the academy running.
Considering your tight nature of your work as a sports man, how do you balance work and family?
Well, I only just got married in January and as for the other members of my family, they back in Nigeria so by the grace of God I am able to do all  what I am doing.

Apart from Football what other Sports do you coordinate in Malaysia and what have been your successes in terms of grooming players?
I do Track and Field, personal training sessions on muscle building and weight loss.
There has been quite a lot of positive results, few of my athletes have are representing the states and local football teams.
What are the differences between Football in Malaysia and Football in Nigeria?
Football in Malaysia is still on the rise as it is still but financially a lot has been invested by the Malaysian government to groom more players and currently recruiting even foreign players to participate in their local leagues and even the national team.
As we know Nigeria is ranked 49 in FIFA World ranking, regardless of this there’s still a lot that needs to be done in terms of management, the most significant differences between Malaysia and Nigeria football is on the achievement level and quality of experience and quality of players in Nigeria.
How would you rate Malaysian football? Do you believe that one day Malaysia can make it to the World Cup?
Malaysian football is gradually growing and gaining popularity all over Asia and some parts of the world currently there’s been a lot of Foreign players signed in Malaysia from all over the world so this helps the local players to improve and gain more experience, so yes am sure the Malaysian team will make the world cup some day.
What is your advise to the Malaysia Ministry of youth and Sports in terms of Developing Sports in Malaysia with regards to football?
Get more foreign coaches with experience and organise more friendlies and youth tournaments.
How do you counter the stereotypes being a Nigerian in Malaysia, considering all your clients who are locals?
Well by the grace of God, it has not been an issue, am not saying there’s no stereotype but I believe the way you relate will people is how they will behave to you too, by the grace of God, God has always led me and my team to the right people so I give him the praise.
Do you believe Sports can be a rescue mission to take away Wayward youth from the street?
Yes don’t forget amongst those wayward youths on the streets, schools or wherever they may be, are hidden talents. A majority of them are that way because, they lack encouragement/support and opportunities in what they  are passionate about. I think the government should put in place a proper sporting programme that can help rediscover AND maintain them.


What are your long term plans as far as coaching in Malaysia is concerned?
Well I aim to get to the top and impact more lives in anyway I can not just in the area of sports by God’s grace.
See more of the academy on their official Facebook page Talent Source Football Academy
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