During my most recent trips to the US, a certain lady elegantly dressed in a pink gown made with African fabric with lots of detailed designs flushing to the ground, her eye brows perfectly shaped, approximately in her late 50’s walked up to me after church service and called out “my daughter” as it is in the African culture to address one in your capacity.

My daughter i hear you are from Malaysia?” Without letting me respond she went on to her next question “where is the place sef? how are the people there? I hear most of the black people there are into scamming is that true? Is it a beautiful country? please don’t be angry oh, I am anxiously asking all these questions because a certain guy contacted my daughter from Malaysia for marriage and I am terrified because I have heard so many bad things about the Africans there”.

That left me wondering for a second if the same has been my Malaysian experience. “Eh excuse me Ma’am” I hopped in, “with all due respect, I think you need to get your facts straight instead of making any false generalizations. By the way I’m not surprised at the things you may have heard about Africans in Malaysia. That’s the impression most people have and in as much as this may be true in some cases, to be honest with you I am yet to meet a African in Malaysia. Meanwhile your daughter will have some homework to do about the gentleman.”

Another time, we hosted a gentleman from my home country who came to Malaysia for a training. I spent some time painfully  responding to his questions about my poor choice of country to reside in. As is the case with most people, work finds a way of sending you out into another country as an expat. After some much research, I realized there was not much information for Africans from an African perspective. Or rather still there were no good reports.

Malaysia in my opinion is a very beautiful place I think everyone should visit, with beautiful people, great food and you get the opportunity to live in a ‘see-through’ house if you  can afford it.

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